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I feel like I am in the big leagues, now that we have Zuzana on our WordPress. To me she is one of the top 5 models working on the circuit today. If she is not in top 50 list, they should change the list to include her, for sure. To me these are some of the best images I have ever photographed. Granted Zuzana was the main reason and Sun God helped ;)). She is truly one of those who has it all. She has the looks and super high hi-fashion IQ. She has a phat pad, she shares it with her hot boy friend Ben Hill. I know Zuzana since day 1 and her passion for fashion is deeper than quicksand in the middle of Sahara. She works harder than anyone I know and her desire to do good is just too hard to put in words. Zuzana to me is an inspiration. Everyone can learn something from her. She trains with famous Michael Olajide Jr. who also trains the likes of Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes. Zuzana, all the best to you with your career kick some serious behind!! Follow Zuzana on her Instagram  @zuuzg.

Zuzana wears jump suit from Isabelle Marant for Etoille brand can be found on Polyvore. Shoes by Margiela, Rolex watch, Balenciaga clutch, Bulgari ring, Phoenix Roze necklace, Illesteva glasses hand made in Italy and bra by Kiki De Montparnasse.

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Well, well, well, I am honored to have Brooke Nipar grace her presence on our pages. Brooke is someone I looked up to for a while now. After meeting her in person, I am straight up in love with her. She is a rocker chic through and through. All I can say is her style is whoa!!! I mean, really how confident is Brooke?? I have met many female fashion photographers, but none as cool as Brooke and her work is equally f***ing awesome. But seriously if I was young girl growing up, I would totally be like “I want to be just like Brooke when I grow up”. Brooke, call me (wink)!! Check out her work @ She blames it all on Yoga and Malbec ;). That is in fact her secret to success, I guess! I am going shopping for a nice Malbec now, may be some of that success will rub off. She says she is in the middle of retail therapy (inside joke ha ha).

Brooke wears Marc Jacobs glasses, bijules Skull ring, Odette NY triangle ring, Dress from The Reformation, vintage British metals chain and the potions one was given by her mom. Leather jacket is from Schott Bros, and the shoes are by Fiorentine and Baker.

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Well it is Vilma. She has got it all!! She is hot, stylish and a frikin’ IMG model. What else does anybody want? I spent time talking to her and was amazed with how smart this girl is. I love her dimples period!! I tried to make her smile for camera by tickling her. It totally worked but I was too close and my camera messed my focus up :((. I think I shot about 200 frames and each and every one of them were great, no joke! No wonder she makes the big bucks. Follow her Instagram at vilmap1010. She likes artsy type guys. Cool I fit her profile (double wink)

Vilma wears Prada glasses, Rag and Bone jacket, American Apparel turtle neck, vintage belt, Kate Spade bag, and Zadig and Voltaire shoes.

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Denisse was a busy one. She had to run to a meeting very fast. So I didn’t have a chance speak to her much. But she looked super rad!!! BTW Denisse is a photographer as well. Check her work out on her blog at

Denisse wears Urban Outfitters hat, Ray ban glasses, vintage pants from Malin Landaeus in Williamsburg, shoes and sweater are from Acne.

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Catherine looked super cool! I knew she does something cool for living just by the way she looked. She works at the New Museum. Does it really matter what you do at New Museum, if you work there. Her look is so Soho retro for a working professional to me. She defines the current Soho lifestyle and fashion style. I don’t know how this happens but I always find people on their special days like birthdays, anniversaries etc. And Catherine got engaged the day before I photographed her. How cool is that!!! I guess that probably is the reason for her glow.

Catherine wears Dolce and Gabbana glasses, Isabel Marant Jacket, vintage Lee dress from Net a Porter, Bottega Veneta bag, and Toga Archives shoes also from Net a Porter.

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Brian is one of those walking celebrities. Everyone in Soho knows him. He is also walking art piece. If you ever see a guy on the streets of Soho with a big ole boom box on his shoulder, that would be Brian. I know Brian, for what like 7yrs now since I moved to New York. He is a fantastic artist and an equally good entrepreneur. He was on his way to Jack’s Wife Freda restaurant. I obviously stopped him and I guess his reservation just have to wait for us to finish here. He is currently working on his Squirt Gun series. You can find Brian outside Balthazar doing his thing all summer long. Follow him on Instagram @Brianermanski and check out his website for his other art works. Just how cool is this guy??!!!

Brian wears hat from Trash and Vaudeville, Marc Ecko custom made jacket for John Legend, Gucci shoes, Ray Ban folding Wayfair glasses, Helmut Lang jeans, Duncan Quinn shirt, Cartier watch. He found those cufflings from a woman street vendor on Greene street, and best of all Natural Koncept JZ Radical skate board.

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